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With its Head quarter located in the Silicon Valley of India-Bangalore Career Guideline is creating a revolution in the career management segment.
Mukul Kumar Sandilya is the founder of Career Guideline he started its operations in the year 1997 with an exclusive aim of providing professional guidelines to Students from the global community to select the right choice of career. Many Students go astray in their career because of inadequate guidelines and thus end of with the unwise and wrongly made decisions. This wrong decision will eventually lead to frustration and negative trends among many students in their career selection.
We are established in the field of Consultancy for higher education in Bangalore.. Over a period of time we have successfully catered to & provided requisite educational and career guidance through which many successful entrepreneurs have been created.
Our strength lies in our well trained and experienced professional staff who are specialized in talent nurturing. We identify the hidden potential in every student and we encourage them to pursue a career which they find as most logical and in trend with the state of the art technology.
We bring out the students natural talents and guide them in the proper channel which ensures not just a bright career but a brighter and prosperous future also. Candidates find our services as the right path towards right career through the proven professional approaches of Career Guideline executed by the elite team, helping the candidates in making their next career move satisfactorily.

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The reason is obvious and self evident, we have believed in and delivered after sales service which forms the core of our Customer friendly services. A student has to spend 3 to 4 years away from home in an unfamiliar location which of course brings with it untried food habits, alien weather conditions, new friends in short everything is strange and some times fearful. When away from loved ones who will care for my health, financial Needs, who will be with me? Well neither the student nor the parents need to fear for we are here 24/ 7 to take care of the student in all aspects Love , Affection, Courage, Financial support, you name it and we have it Our prayers will always be for the benefit of the students.
We do not distinguish whether the parents are rich or poor , it hardly matters. They can not take care of their ward by being thousands of miles away. Fear not we are here to care and share. You can always count on us as much as you count on your blessings. We care for your ward's performance, we are not just guides, and we help him grab the best job in the industry after the course completion. We shape Future.

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